Custom Apparel Printing
Posted By Michael Jimmy

Custom Apparel Printing: A Step-by-Step

At Click&Shirts, we help our customers create custom apparel everyday. Whether you need a custom t-shirt for an event, custom headwear, or even custom workwear, we do it all. Here are the 3 easy steps to personalizing and creating your very own t-shirt on our website. 

Step 1: Start designing! 

On our homepage you will see a button that says ‘start designing’. Click this button to be brought to the customize page.

create custom shirt

Step 2: Select your product 

Now you can click the button on the top right that says ‘change products’ and browse through all our apparel; men’s apparel, women’s apparel, kids and babies, accessories, headwear, workwear and more. 

custom tshirt

Step 3: Create!

Now that you’ve selected your product, you get to customize your t-shirt/apparel! By clicking ‘Add art’ you can browse our art that you can use to spice up your custom design, or you can click ‘Upload Image’ and add your very own! There is no wrong answer. Be as creative as you like, even adding custom text to your t-shirt. We have many fonts for you to choose from. 

Once you have created your custom apparel, you select your quantity and head to checkout. Our easy checkout makes the process quick. You can have it shipped to you or choose to come pick it up in store if you are located in Montreal. 

Happy designing! 

Team Click&Shirts

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