Custom Apparel Printing
Posted By Michael Jimmy

How to Create Your Custom T-Shirt using our T-Shirt Maker like a Pro!

We get a lot of calls and emails asking how to create custom t-shirts; how am I supposed to place my design? How big or small should my text be? What is standard?

Since we do many orders, we know the standard, but we understand our customers may not! So below is a quick guide to placement and size.

Placement and Size

Custom T-Shirt

Let’s say you add an image and some custom text as seen in the photo above. Our typical canvas size is 12″ x 12 “, so we will make the design maximum this size. We also ensure to center your images.

Removal of Backgrounds

Custom T-Shirt Logo

If you upload an image that has a background, we will remove it for you before printing.

Have Specifics? Add a note!

Custom T-Shirt Note

Most people customize their t-shirt and we use our judgement and experience to estimate perfect size and placement. But you may be a well seasoned shirt maker who is accustomed to t-shirt printing and know exactly what you want! For this reason, you have the option of being able to add a note for us to follow your exact instructions.

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